Mikelangelo and the Tin Star
13th May 2012
The Vanguard, Sydney

Reviewed by Meghan Player

It’s Mothers Day. It’s a Sunday night. It’s too cold outside. There’s a long working week ahead. Normally, these would provide any normal person an excuse to stay at home on a Sunday night, and salvage whatever is left of the weekend. Not so, tonight.  Heading out into the Sydney autumn chill, the Vanguard provided the perfect venue for a cool evening – both in terms of music and weather.

Mikelangelo & the Tin Star are quite possibily the coolest, smoothest movers and shakers this side of equator. Their shows ooze personality. Their onstage presence is engaging. And their songs are downright sexy. When Mikelangelo says, “I’m going to draw you in, then make you my children” – he wasn’t wrong.

Opening with ‘Bulkan Beach Party‘, the night touches on both aspects of the bands sound – surf and western – a combination that not only walks hand in hand, but go-go dances at the same time. The smooth crooning and hip shaking of frontman Mikelangelo during ‘Sweet Machine‘ and ‘Midnight Flower‘ undoubtedly grabs the audiences attention – throwing them into a whirl-wind of frantic dancing.

The killer bass lines combined with stirring guitar and infectious drum beats are tight as hell – wonderfully complimenting the ‘stories without words’ – ‘The Armada‘ a perfect example.

Drawing on their band influences, an incredible cover of Elvis’ ‘Flaming Star‘ makes the set list – an instant hit with the varying generations that are at the show tonight.

It’s by the end of the night, however, we see just how much the audience has been swept up into the bands performance. By this stage, everyone is eating out of their hand –  not one person is left seated, not one face is unhappy and everyone somehow finds out their shoes are made for dancing.  Finalé ‘Action Is My Middle Name‘ is a superb way to end an thoroughly enjoyable evening – with the audience, [and band] almost ready to spontaneously combust in a sea of dancing fevour.

Undoubtedly, tonight was all about the music. To be so caught up in what is, not only taking place in front of your eyes, but what you are absorbing in your ears and mind – can only executed by the finest performers, bands and musicians. Mikelangelo and the Tin Star are the real, earth-shaking deal. They have their sound and style down to a fine art, their on stage personas are entertaining and engaging, their love of a good time, undeniable.

And as the audience pull themselves together and make their way out into the cool night, we all seem to realise that THIS is how live music is supposed to be.


Photos from the gig are online at:


3 responses to “LIVE REVIEW: MIKELANGELO & THE TIN STAR – THE VANGUARD – [13/05/2012]

  1. O yea!!!!!! Man of true spirit for sure. I think MIKELANGELO & THE TIN STAR are one of the major threads holding this plastic filled society together with their beautiful taste, style and awesome surf western music. Thank God someone still has it.

    • Thanks for the comment Lucas!

      We’re big fans of both the Tin Star and Black Sea Gentleman – glad to hear you are too!


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