A Silent Escape- Self-titled

Reviewed by Adam Smith

The most striking element of A Silent Escape’s sound is how polished it is. The group juxtapose A Day To Remember’s screams with the samples that have permeated The Used’s discography in recent years,  amounting to a sound that often seems too contrived to be taken seriously.

Opening track “Blackhole Gravity” carries a metal vibe, incorporating riffs from Welsh heavyweights Bullet For My Valentine’s playbook and sprinkling a poppy chorus on them. The final product is a satisfying one, which is why it is such a shame that the album’s standard goes on to be inconsistent.

“Final Chapter”  may be the best track on the release, as it is packed with catchy hooks and builds up wonderfully towards a chorus that A Day To Remember would be proud of writing themselves.

Unfortunately, “Losing Grip” is the first sign of the record’s disappointing moments, as the track’s screams simply don’t intertwine effectively with the rest of its instrumentation, causing a muddled sound that simply demonstrates naïve over-experimentation.

“From Words To Beating” only subdues the tempo of the album further and it is only when the rip-roaring “Ticket Back” kicks in that A Silent Escape start to pick up where “Final Chapter” left off.

A Silent Escape are at their best when they focus on infectious hooks and catchy choruses, yet these facets are often disregarded in favour of ferocious screams that just sound misplaced. Therefore, after some tweaks, the band could be on to something truly memorable, but they can only be deemed a work in progress at the moment.



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