REVIEW: ACTIONS – “South of the Water” [Single]

Actions – South of the Water (Single)

Reviewed by Mark Plummer

It’s hard to know how serious this track is meant to be taken. On one hand there is a great female vocal that is backed up well and has been recorded in a way to do it justice. There’s also good instrumentation and the standard of recording sounds to have really shown through well, really letting this wonderful voice shine through. One the other hand there’s the drums. They sound processed and the more that they’re heard, the more convincing it is that they have been edited into the song beat by beat.

The problem lies in just how present the drum work is for a change. With plenty of mainstream music holding back on this element, yet expertly using the instrument to bulk up sound, this is a change from the ordinary. That’s not to mean it’s well done, the drums are very uninviting and dull. There’s no excitement and life in them, yet this is the instrument that should be keeping beat and, well, beating life into the song. They’re the heart of the music. Unfortunately this trend has been set to continue on the second track One Minute Smile. Again, it’s that same uninterested and dull sound that casts a very flat feel to the single.

This is obviously an attempt at mainstream pop-rock, but unconvincingly pulled off and far from attaining the success that is no doubt wanted. It’s with regret that the drums suck the life out of this single, but that is what’s happened. If the same due care and attention had been given to the drums as was given to the rest of the track, then maybe this would have been a lot more convincing.

2 out of 5


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