Calling All Cars + Strangers


The Annandale Hotel


By Meghan Player

Arriving at the Annandale well into opening band, Arts Martial‘s set – it was apparent that tonight was going to be a night of loud music, hard rocking Australian bands and mosh pits.

Sydney locals, Strangers set the pace for the evening – with their killer, straight-up, no frills rock that pounded through the venues speakers. These guys are tight as hell, and undoubtedly setting the bar higher and higher each time they hit the stage.

Frontman, Ben Britton’s vocals are reminiscent of an early to mid 90s rock growl, that are perfectly accompanied by the bands’ ‘take no shit’ sound. The future is very promising for this young band.

Headliners, Calling All Cars take the stage next, and to put it quite simply: wow.

CAC have come a long way since I first saw them a few years ago supporting Australian rock heavy-weights, Grinspoon. Tonight, the band power through their tracks like bats out of hell, drowning the venue in an explosion of sound.

Each song is delivered with such a ferocious enthusiasm and energy, that it’s hard for the crowd tonight to not be caught up in it all. As expected, mosh pits form, members of the crowd climb onstage to only end up crowd surfing, and the whole room – by nights end – smells like a dirty, sweaty mess.

Whilst running through a set list of the old ‘Hold, Hold, Fire’ and the new ‘Reptile’, ‘She’s Delirious‘ – the band take a moment to try out a new track on the crowd. Whilst the name of the track isn’t mentioned, the song definitely hits the right note with the crowd. Haydn Ing’s vocals are delivered in boughts of short, sharp venom that you wouldn’t look out of place in a band like Future of The Left.

Tonight can easily be summed up in a few words: loud, hard, killer – these two bands are, without doubt, keeping the Australian rock music scene alive and kicking – and for that, I thank them.


Photos of the gig can be found at:


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