You Me At Six + Kids In Glass Houses
Manchester Apollo
29th March 2012

By Emma Stone

Despite pop-punk taking a back seat in recent years You Me At Six have made damn sure they’ve given the genre the kick up the arse it so desperately needs.
After gracing the cover of Kerrang! magazine the band is in the midst of another sell-out tour, and tonight play their second show at Manchester’s 02 Apollo.
With fans queuing round the block for hours before the doors open, tonight promises to be an energetic and intense show.

Kids In Glass Houses do a great job at warming the crowd up for the headline act, their own brand of pop rock songs giving the crowd something to dance along to. Singer Aled Phillips demands a circle pit from tonight’s crowd to beat the ones the crowd threw out last night. Naturally, they’re only too happy to oblige.

As loud as the kids are screaming for the Cardiff-based band, there’s no comparison in the roars for when You Me At Six finally appear onstage.
The stage veiled by a sheer curtain, the crowd are shown tantalising glimpses of each member when the spotlight hits them one by one, each of them holding a mug shot-style board in the image of the cover of their ‘Sinners Never Sleep’ album.
Plunged again into darkness, the unmistakeable vocal intro and bass riff to ‘Loverboy’ is drowned out by deafening screams from the audience. Their new single, ‘The Swarm’, made famous by its recent airing on the advert for Thorpe Park’s new ride, receives just as much of an ecstatic reaction; in fact pretty much the entire night is accompanied by non-stop screams from the teenage crowd.
With an impressive lighting display and cannons firing smoke over the crowd, frontman Josh Francheschi delivers a truly amazing performance, particularly given his recent bout of tonsillitis.
The band have chosen their set list wisely, with hits from all three of their albums giving the crowd exactly what they came for. Whether pop-punk is to your taste or not, there’s no denying that it’s great to see a UK band rising to the top so quickly.

You Me At Six have mastered the art of writing killer tunes, acquiring a loyal and die-hard fan base in the five years since their début album. After tonight’s success I’ll be looking forward to seeing the band at this year’s Download festival; a slot the band well and truly deserves.


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