Failsafe- Routines

Reviewed by Adam Smith

Failsafe have been an ever-present of the UK’s alternative underground circuit for years now and have never disappointed with their releases.

In another generation, 2008’s “The Truth Is” would have been a trendsetter, but fans instead favoured their more fashionable counterparts.  While British upstarts such as Deaf Havana and Young Guns have paid their dues and earned mainstream recognition, Failsafe are yet to see the fruit of their labours.

With their latest effort, “Routines”, Failsafe have come forward with a more melodic approach, with the vocal strengths of singer James Morris showcased in excellent fashion, offering much to enjoy for fans of Polar Bear Club or the latest We Are The Ocean album.

‘Early Hours’ and ‘Dead To The World’ are the most notable examples of the Preston act’s rejuvenated musical motif, as tremendous guitar work is wonderfully interlaced with Morris’ vocals and the band’s best lyrics yet.

It is also apparent that Failsafe have added more hooks to their repertoire, especially in “Light Of The Day”, which bounces with a vibe that is bordering on pop-punk, without compromising the band’s own identity.

“Routines” is the work of a band who have continued to perfect their sound without garnering the recognition they deserve, but this latest release could provide them with the acclaim and admiration they have long warranted.



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