The Jim Jones Revue

Fibbers, York

20th April 2012

By Suzy Harrison

Fibbers was packed front to back on Friday night – with a varied crowd in terms of age – which also included a few people dressed as pirates and a girl in a ’50s rockabilly dress. Interesting. Despite this flamboyance, on the whole the audience was far more static than I’m used to seeing, but their appreciation of the music was evident with each song followed by claps, whistles and cheers.

Unfortunately the opening of the Jim Jones Revue’s set didn’t have the impact it could have had, with the lead vocals being slightly too quiet; this meant that the rock n roll growls from Jim didn’t stand out enough. After some feedback issues here and there during the next couple of songs, about 10mins into the set it seemed that the sound was how it should be. The band didn’t let it set them back though, and their energy levels remained high despite the problems. The music may have faded in, but the on stage presence was at a constant.

The whole band showed their passion for the music and also their talents as musicians throughout the performance. Jim is an amazing frontman with so much energy and expression – you can really see his love and pride for the music. Personally, as well as a charismatic singer, what caught my attention and captivated me was the fantastic rock n roll bluesy piano riffs [courtesy of Henri Herbert] that were lying under the vocals and accompanying the guitar lines. Think Jools Holland. But cooler.

With a set that included Drop Me in the Middle, Burning Your House Down and Shoot First – this was my first time seeing this band and hopefully not my last.  There are a lot of bands who could learn a thing or two by watching the Jim Jones Revue.


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