SHAI HULUD confirms Chad Gilbert as producer for new album

SHAI HULUD confirms Chad Gilbert as producer for new album; production to begin this month
UK Exclusive show at Hevy Fest in August

Shai Hulud, are preparing to record their fourth album (second for Metal Blade Records) in April 2012. This album will serve as the follow up to 2008’s critically acclaimedMisanthropy Pure. Matt Fox, Matt Fletcher and co. have completed writing the new album, and have confirmed that they’ve enlisted the production talents of original Hulud vocalist and current New Found Glory guitarist Chad Gilbert, the vocalist on Shai Hulud‘s debut full length album “Hearts Once Nourished With Hope And Compassion”! Gilbert’s production resume includes work with H20, A Day To Remember, Terror, Trapped Under Ice, Set Your Goals, and more.

Chad Gilbert elaborates: “Matt Fox from Shai Hulud hit me up while on tour about potentially producing their new album. I immediately thought it could be an interesting and fun team up but I really wanted to hear new demos before agreeing. He sent me a few new songs and I was pleasantly surprised! The songs were awesome and felt very classic; the melodic hardcore metal they are already admired for but taken to another level. I think with us teamed up we can make the best Shai Hulud record yet!”

Matt Fox adds: “It started with this riff. Like a lot of albums do. It’s a pretty cool riff, Chad liked it, so I showed him a few more. He seemed to like the others, and had some really cool ideas for them, too. This was a few years ago, and that’s when we first entertained the idea working on a record together.

Fast forward to when we are almost ready to book studio time… let’s see if Chad remembers any of those riffs. He remembered liking them, and asked to hear more. By this time some of these riffs made it into completed songs. We were pretty happy to hear he liked how everything evolved, and that he’d be interested in working with us on the next Shai Hulud album.

I remember at 14 years old or so I was extremely excited because Wolverine was teaming up with the Punisher in “Punisher: War Journal”. I don’t know if anything can match that youthful elation, but this is right up there, pretty damn close.”

This collaboration is in addition to the recently announced Revelation Records 25th anniversary shows: Gilbert will perform with Shai Hulud on June 8th and June 10th at the Glasshouse in Pomona, CA. Hulud will be performing alongside Youth of Today, Gorilla Biscuits, Sick of it All, and more.

Matt Fox explains the significance of the anniversary shows:
“My introduction to Revelation Records was Bold’s “Looking Out.” Youth Of Today gave me comfort and pride about being “different.” Sick Of It All helped change my life. Chain Of Strength remains a strong influence and constant inspiration. Burn destroyed whatever parameters I thought there were in hardcore. And if I had to pick one album to be thee “classic” Hardcore record of all time, I’d choose “Start Today” by Gorilla Biscuits.

Before Revelation even knew what the hell a Shai Hulud was, they gave us a lot. To be included on these anniversary shows is an honor, and we wanted to do something to help add to the nostalgic feel of the shows commemorating Revelation Records’ 25th anniversary. Having Chad rage through the songs he originally recorded with us that inaugurated us to the label seemed befitting. We’re extremely fortunate to have existed all these years, and still be able to embrace our beginnings with open arms. It brings great joy to our little black hearts.”

Chad Gilbert adds:“Shai Hulud and Revelation Records brought up the idea of me singing for the band at the upcoming Revelation 25th Anniversary shows so of course I said yes. Shai Hulud was a big part of my life and so was Revelation! Being a part of it really feels like an anniversary for me and the band, I wouldn’t miss it!”

Shai Hulud has spent the last five years on the road promoting their previous album, Misanthropy Pure. Touring has taken them across the US, Mexico, and Canada, to Europe, Australia and Southeast Asia. They’ve been banned by Disney as one of the bands not allowed to play at House of Blues Anaheim/Orlando, yet their music continues to inspire fans worldwide, whether via their albums, live at festivals, or hole-in-the-wall clubs. Misanthropy Pure was praised by fans and press, including Alternative Press Magazine: “Misanthropy is one giant, brain-rattling testament to the genre-blurring finesse of bands masterminds Matt Fox (guitar) and Matt Fletcher (bass), who fuse good, old-fashioned circle-pit hardcore with hair-whipping shred-metal, leaving us all the merrier for it.” more recently commented, “Matt Fox might not be a household name, but his influence on modern metal is irrefutable.”

The Dave Brodsky directed video for Misanthropy Pure can be seen on Metal Blade TV HERE <> . Updates on the progress of the new album will be posted as they are made available. For the most immediate updates, make sure to follow Shai Huludvia the sites listed below.

Shai Hulud have been added to the bill for the Hevy Music Festival along with a host of other acts including:

Descendents (headlining on August 5 – UK exclusive), Municipal Waste, Cancer Bats, H2O (UK exclusive), This is Hell, Rolo Tomassi, Shai Hulud (UK exclusive), Listener (UK exclusive), Rise and Fall (UK exclusive), Devil Sold His Soul and more.

HEVY FEST happens at Port Lympne Wild Animal Park, Kent between August 3 – 6, 2012 and boasts Descendents, Converge, Will Haven, Protest The Hero, The Chariot and loads more. Info: <>

‘MISANTHROPY PURE’ is out now on Metal Blade


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