Motion City Soundtrack – True Romance (Single)

Reviewed by Mark Plummer

True Romance is the first single to be released from this quintessential indie-pop-rock group and whilst it is a very Motion City Soundtrack song, it retains a certain feeling that tells you that this isn’t to be confused with any previous work. This is definitely something new. Justin Pierre’s lyrical brilliance is still paramount, with the stand out line “You’re Chicken Little/I’m the Monkey in the middle/There is something wrong with me”. It’s these lyrics that jump out due to how obscure and unique they are, making the song all that more memorable and enjoyable. WIth each Motion City Soundtrack song, it seems that they’re bringing a new challenge of picking apart the lyrics to find your new favourite random line.

Instrumentally, the four chord progression is reflective throughout the whole song, even though the verses seem to break away, the style in which it is conveyed is well used to keep the flow. A good balance of acoustic and softly distorted electric guitars helps to give this track a lighthearted feel and, subconsciously, makes it a lot easier to listen to and enjoy. Whilst Thaxton hasn’t included loads of gigantic fills behind the kit, where the drums sit in the mix is to emphasise enough power and punch, yet not to over throw the rest of the song. The high and low toms are well placed through out the verses to further back up the bass and give this track a bit more depth.

There is a great mix of synth sounds in the song that are a little more distinguished compared to those found in My Dinosaur Life. The verses see it coming in more towards the end, heading into the chorus and it then changes to become a different sound through the chorus. Best of all are the piano parts in the breakdown. Adding yet more variety and with a gentle feel of distortion here and there that keeps the piano not so clean, it does the great effect of not making this added sound seeming out of place, rather gelling it with the rest of the track. Whilst there are some imperfections in the mixing and editing of the track – just before the two minute mark, the vocals are cut off a bit too sharply – you’d have to be incredibly anal to pick this out and let it ruin the whole track.

My Dinosaur Life will be hard to top, but if True Romance is anything to go by, then Go should either come pretty close, or blow it out of the water

4 out of 5.

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