London extreme metallers Mortad have released their latest music video. The single The Voice is a song from the Myth of Purity album honouring the memory of Neda Agha Soltan, a young Iranian woman who was killed during the pro-democracy up risings in Iran in on 20th of June 2009.

Mortad will be releasing a follow up video explaining about the song, the making of the video, Neda’s life and the Iranian freedom movements on June 20th.

Mortad’s front woman Somi Arian said, “Lyrically, The Voice is the most important song in The Myth of Purity album also the only song that contains some Persian lyrics. I felt that I had something to say, I want to be The Voice of the voiceless and to honour the memory of thousands of men and women who lost their lives in a battle to revive the basic human rights for others”.

Catch Mortad on tour in the UK

April 20th Swansea, The Garage
May 11th Abertillery The Arena
May 12th Bristol, The Croft
May13th Reading, Face Bar
May 19th Bradford, Rios
May 20th Birmingham, Asylum 2
June 8th Vainstream Germany – (Opening for Hatebreed)

June 16th Glasgow, Venue TBC
June 17th Aberdeen, Venue TBC
June 23th Liverpool, Venue TBC
June 24th Manchester, Venue TBC
June 30th London, Borderline
July 7th Norwich, Waterfront

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