The Good Ship + Green Mohair Suits + Sister Jane

13th April 2012

The Vanguard, Sydney

 Reviewed by Meghan Player

Opening bands are either a great way to discover new music, or a chance to wonder why you turned up to the venue before the headliner starts.

Thankfully tonight was the first option.

Opening act Sister Jane – a local alt/rock ‘n’ roll quintet provided a near perfect start to the evening. With a combination of strong female and male vocals, catchy hooks and an overall killer sound, the band not only caught the small crowds attention, but managed to maintain it for their entire set.

Green Mohair Suits were a near opposite, sound wise, to Sister Jane. Described as ‘garage grass’ – the band tap into the bluegrass sound that seems to be growing and finding its place in the local scene at the moment. Covering tracks from their soon to be released album, the band kept spirits and enthusiasm high within the crowd.

I’m not going to lie. The main reason I was here tonight, was to catch Brisbane 8-piece, The Good Ship. Having recently released their new single, Seven Seas’[a beautiful array of melodies, harmonies and a cracking chorus], I was keen to see what it was about the band that makes their live sets, memorable ones.

Working the ‘nautical’ theme to a ‘T’ – the band hit the stage, looking like they had just stepped off at the local pier, and were ready to entertain the local pirates, scallywags and wenches.

To describe a Good Ship set can be a little difficult – as the music itself is a combination of many fascinating elements, that are awash in a wonderful overload of melodies. Their sea shanty/vaudeville/blues/folk/cabaret/country sound, combined with the onstage, visual element of their set  [and not forgetting the delightful, dirty and crude lyrics] is an experience to behold – and certainly one that keeps the audience entertained tonight.

Tracks from the new album made their way onto the set list tonight – giving the audience a taste of what is to come – as well as older tunes from their debut album, Avast! Wretched Sea. 

Overall, tonight was a formidable display from the Queensland natives. Despite the somewhat lack lustre, non-dancing crowd [apart from a handful of wonderful punters] – the band accomplished exactly what I was hoping for –  a bunch of songs about whores, pirates, sailing and the treacherous seas, all finding their place in a modern context.


[Check out the photos from the gig at:]


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