Having played to full capacity venues across the country, and boasting sell out single launches every time they release a single, Bellusira have locked in 2012 as their year. With a highly anticipated full-length album on the horizon including the soon to be released single ‘Culprit’ , a fresh new line up ready for an up and coming national tour. Katie Nagy chatted to bassist Mark Dalbeth about why you do not want to get in the way of this band.

How did Bellusira get started?

Crystal and I had been working away on a dark and heavy local project when a couple of years ago we decided to take the music into a more uplifting and melodic direction. The recent additions of Vinny and Jimmy, Guitar and Drums respectively have been a big part is shaping our sound.


What are your musical influences?

Anything that is real and honest. Artist’s that have helped shape our sound have been acts like Annie Lennox, Deftones, RATM, FNM, Michael Jackson to name a few!


How are you feeling about the impending release of your first single ‘culprit’ from your upcoming album?

We feel amazing about it and can’t wait to get it out to the people. It’s a positive message about getting through all types of adversity and knowing that you can fight your way through anything.


You’re about to embark on a national tour – how are you all feeling about that and how did the decision to tour come about?

For us the most important thing about playing music is being part of change. Touring and playing in front of as many people as possible is the best way to do that. Hitting the road and speaking to the fans and putting positive vibes out on stage are what we live for.


How has the change in the bands line up affected the music over the last five years?

As with any band it’s always an evolution and we feel with this current line up that Bellusira at it’s strongest. We all understand each other and work together for the greater good of the music. There are no egos or selfish reasons for writing, we just get together and try and write the best music we can possibly write.


What kind of success are you hoping to achieve this year and where do you see the band heading in the future?

Success for us is getting our music out to any many people as possible and helping change people’s lives for the better. Success for us is not driving around in BMW’s, gold chains and 5 star hotels.


How has the response from the crowds changed since you first started performing?

Well…when we first started we weren’t very good! [laughs] So the crowds weren’t that impressed! The crowd response these days is amazing and as much energy as we throw out there on stage, they just throw it right back at us and that is very inspiring.


You’ve toured with some high profile bands in the past such as The Misfits, Dead Letter Circus and Floating Me, what did you learn from these experiences?

One thing that we have learnt is that the hard work never stops! All those bands you have mentioned are all head down hitting the road playing shows night after night just like us. There is no easy ride and free tickets in this game and it’s all about putting your head down and just getting the job done.


You formed the band in Melbourne, what influences have it had on yourselves as individuals and as a band?

Melbourne is a beautiful city and it is rich in culture. It’s an inspiring place to live in and for a band it is the best place to be as the music scene here is so strong and the people are so supportive.


What messages, if any, are you hoping the fans takeaway from your music?

Positive messages are what we are hoping they will take away with them. The world is full of negativity and hatred and the last thing we want to do is add to that.


Many thanks to Mark for taking the time to chat to Katie.

For more information about the band, including upcoming tour dates, check out:

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