We Are The In Crowd

For a young band, We Are The In Crowd have the world at their feet. After being signed to Hopeless Records after a Myspace hacking, the band have found huge success with their full-length album, ‘Best Intentions’, toured across the world, and boast a legion of dedicated fans. Meghan Player and Emma Dean chatted to the Taylor, Jordan, Mike, Rob and Cameron at SXSW about influences, touring and SXSW.

First off, who would you say are the biggest influences on the band?

Cameron – God. [laughs]

Taylor – Shut up. I don’t know, the only similar bands that we all kind of listen to are The Starting Line, Jimmy Eat World, Foo Fighters – but I donno, whenever we’re asked what bands influence us, I can never really find one.


So, I guess you’re all kind of varied as far as influences go then?

All –  Definitely.

Taylor –  Yeah, we all have different tastes.


You recently toured with All Time Low in the UK – what was that experience like?

Cameron – That was amazing.

Taylor – It was amazing. It was one of our favourite tours. It was on such a bigger scale for us, so it was cool to experience that. Our fans in the UK are so much crazier there – moreso than anywhere else. So, it was exciting to see that. And when we were on that tour we got to kind of promote the headliner too, so that was cool. It was fun.


You’re currently touring with Every Avenue – how has that tour been so far?

Taylor – Amazing. They’re funny guys.

Cameron – We also haven’t toured the States in a little while, so it’s good to get back and see if anyone still cares [laughs].


Your last album received a lot of praise from both fans and media alike, did you anticipate such a positive reaction?

Taylor – We didn’t expect it to do what it did for us. We expected to be our first full length and kind of that was that. But instead it was our first full length and that much more. Everybody seemed really excited about it and it was all really positive – so that was cool.


Are you working on anything new at the moment – or are you focussing more on touring?

Taylor – Not right now. We are focussing on touring. Hopefully in May, when we have some time off we’ll spit out some ideas or something.


Your also touring with the Warped Tour this year as well – which you’ve been part of previously – what kind of experience is that?

Taylor – Warped Tour is..

Mike –  The land of opportunity!

Taylor – It really is. It’s one of the most beneficial tours for bands – especially if you’re just starting out like we were [when the band first played in 2010]. It’s a lot of work though. The only way you’re going to get something out of Warped Tour is if you really hustle and work your arse off the entire time. If you’re sunburned, complaining about your sleep and your voice hurts, then you did your job on Warped Tour.


How has your SXSW experience been so far?

Taylor – It’s good. We’re only here for a short time this time around. Usually, we’re here for a few days.


Is it a good platform to showcase your music to someone that hasn’t heard it before?

Taylor – Yeah, it’s always really awkward though because it’s not like a ‘typical’ show where it’s all of your fans. There are like a few fans that can get in if they’re 21 and up, but then it’s all these industry people who are kind of staring at you and they’re not really sure if you or the beer in front of them is more interesting.  It’s fun though.



A huge thank you to the band for taking the time to chat to us at SXSW.

For more information about the band, including upcoming tour dates, check out:


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