RISE TO REMAIN + Heaven Shall Burn + Adept + Malefice + Cyota, York Fibbers 13th March 2012

Impericon Progression Tour
RISE TO REMAIN + Heaven Shall Burn + Adept + Malefice + Cyota
York Fibbers
13th March 2012

By George Osborne

The idiom goes that heavy metal is so out fashion it’s never really been in fashion.
Well tonight the packed, diverse looking crowd in full voice at York Fibbers suggests that it’s suddenly cool again to like metal.
Indeed the point of this 5 pronged attack on the ears and senses appears to be to promote a young and angry breed of metal – and judging by the crowd’s reaction to the bands tonight, it succeeds.

Up first are the incredibly young Birmingham quartet CYTOTA [6] who, though they lack experience, make up for it in enthusiasm. The band plays fairly formulaic metal, with flashes of true innovation, however this is only briefly seen.
They have everything going for them in terms of image and stage moves, though lack musical substance.
They look at their most dangerous and fluid when they forget to pretend to be rockstars and just lose themselves in the atmosphere.

Following them is the more experienced and polished thrash machine that is MALEFICE [6] who seem to crank the engine up a gear, though this excitement is short lived.
Although they are powerful and abrasive, they seem to be going through the motions.
Their musicianship is outstanding and their frontman is all snarls and aggression, though for some inexplicable reason the touch paper doesn’t quite light this evening.

The first real sparks of the night are generated courtesy of ADEPT [7] who emerge like a caged beast from backstage and don’t let their energy level drop for their entire set.
The Swedish quintet looks fresh and hungry to win over new fans.
Their blistering metalcore is both intricate and irresistibly heavy, and interspersed with frontman Robert Ljung’s good natured Swedish banter.
The band leave the audience satiated, their eagerness and skill has also been clearly recognised by the other bands on the bill tonight, half of them can be seen wearing Adept merch onstage.

If Adept brought sparks, then the fire is truly lit by German metalcore mob HEAVEN SHALL BURN [9] who are simply phenomenal tonight.
Their music is the tightest on offer, with inch perfect breakdowns, and though the bands tonight are all in a similar vein of metalcore, HSB are easily the heaviest.
The person that truly takes this show to the top level is frontman and vocalist Marcus Bischoof. His vocals are the most powerful on display tonight, and his stage presence is a constant thrill. Relentless and demanding with no telling what he’ll do next, he becomes the only member of any of the bands tonight to scale the barrier, and plunge headlong into the rapturous receiving crowd.
Delivering a professional and brutal set, HSB leave the stage visibly satisfied, and throw down the gauntlet to tonight’s headliners.

The immense power of HSB is a little too much for rising British metallers RISE TO REMAIN [8] to top, though in credit to the band they give it a damn good shot.
Still evidently suffering from having to recruit a new drummer and bassist earlier this year, the band aren’t quite as tight as their German counterparts, but what they lack in expertise they make up for in enthusiasm.
At last it seems the “his Dad’s in Iron Maiden you know…” buzz has died down, and frontman Austin Dickinson’s confident to do things the way he wants to do them- his vocals sound fresh and urgent and he’s growing into his role more with every show.
When the new members settle in and bring the music to the top level, then RTR should flourish, though for the time being this is exactly what they need to do – play shows and keep getting in people’s faces to remind them why they could become the next Bullet For My Valentine.
A brilliant night for an exciting new breed of metal.


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