Review: Wake The Dead – “Meaningless Expectations” [EP]



Wake The Dead – Meaningless Expectations [EP]

Reviewed by Freddie Harrison


They say the best hardcore punk comes in EP-sized packages, well…they don’t, but if they did it’d certainly hold true for Marseille, France’s Wake The Dead. Meaningless Expectations might not be the first release from the group, but it’s the first on Lockjaw Records and they’re making sure it’s a memorable one.


Opening this six-track offering, ‘Mon rave familier‘ is a somewhat slow-starter, but it’s not long before the hook-laden breakdowns kick in with a sing-along vocal that makes the song more than worthy of any live set opener.


What’s clear just a few tracks into this EP is that Wake The Dead know how to make great hardcore. The instrumentation is heavy as hell but versatile enough to skip time signatures in a heartbeat and the whole sound is underpinned by some super powerful lungs at the hands of frontman Jeff.


According to their bio, Wake The Dead are stalwarts of the Marseille punk scene and it’s not hard to see why. Aside from promoting and putting on shows, the quintet are more than capable of concocting their own blend of frantic hardcore (‘The Feeling Inside‘) and insanely catchy vocals (see ‘Sweet Words Fuck Your Throat‘) tinged with pop sensibilities into a sound that’s strangely familiar yet entirely compelling.


With a string of over 90 tour dates under the belts, Wake The Dead have clearly carved a name for themselves in France and with this latest EP there’s no reason why they can’t take on the rest of Europe, America or, dare we say it, the world?


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