Review: The Skints- “Ratatat” [Single]

The Skints- Ratatat

Reviewed by Henry Raby

New single, Ratatat, isn’t one of their punkiest rock anthems, but rather a driven reggae tune.  The blending of Josh’s rap styling and Marcia’s sweet vocals are pinpointed perfectly in this song, whilst the underscore of driving dub bass is paramount to creating a pulsing vibe.  

The video and song appear at first colourless, the downbeat lyrics as Marcia seems to whisper “I know that you are no good for me”. The song isn’t necessarily dark, but The Skints have defiantly captured a secretive and coy atmosphere. The cheeky single is not for the mosh pits, it’s a swaggering, ska/reggae fusion, a tiny bit twisted and a little bit sexier than earlier Skints tunes.  

Make sure you pick it up come Feb 27th, and their full-length album in April.


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