Review: Isolated Atoms – ‘Illuminate’ [EP]

Isolated Atoms – ‘Illuminate’ [EP]
Reviewed by Emma Dean

Listening to ‘lluminate’ is like going back to the eighties, when songs were raw, anthemic and musicians were true rock stars. Hailing from the Black Country in the West Midlands, alternative rockers Isolated Atoms are the  musical love child of The Cure, INXS and U2 with a dash of electronica thrown in. Consisting of Grant Leon Ashman  (Vox), David Davies (Bass/Keyboards), Mark Neat (Guitar) and Jake ‘Yang’ Osei Tutu (Drums), Isolated Atoms are set to take the world by storm.

First track ‘Gun in my hand’ begins with ‘I thought by killing him I would acquire his fame’ – a chilling excerpt  from Mark David Chapman’s interview with Barbara Walters twelve years after he murdered John Lennon. The track  itself is full of catchy hooks, Ashman’s distinctive old school twang complementing the guitars perfectly, despite the track’s dark content. ‘Pray for me now’ is like stepping into the eighties, atmospheric, slow and full of passion. A delicate balance of keyboards, guitars and sweeping vocals that will get stuck in your  head.

‘Perception’ showcases their range, anguish and pain dominating the track. The final track is a remix of past single ‘Play’ and is a twist of hard rock and psychedelic eighties keyboard, synths and a heart wrenching beat.

After a successful stint in the USA last year, including playing the famous Whiskey a Go-Go in Los Angeles,  Isolated Atoms are bringing British invasion bands back for a new generation. Illuminate is a truly unique EP.


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