NEW LINK: Sonic Boom Six + HildaMay + Jake and The Jellyfish + Eat Defeat (07/02/2012)

Sonic Boom Six + HildaMay + Jake and The Jellyfish + Eat Defeat
Leeds Cockpit 2
7th February 2012

By Frankii Torok

With a new album well in the works, Sonic Boom Six have plenty of fresh tunes to bring to the masses on their current UK tour. It’s been just over a year since they brought their punk-rock, hip-hop, jump-up ska soundclash to the dingy depths of Leeds, but now they’re back and bigger than ever.
First to take to the stage were local lads Eat Defeat, bringing their melodic pop-punk infused hardcore to a fairly large crowd, considering they were the first band on.
Despite a few technical disasters- broken guitar strings, dodgy sound management, etc- their songs went down well.
Next up were reggae folk punksters, Jake And The Jellyfish. Hailing from Bristol, a feeling of homesickness/soberphobia fueled a set of angry, acoustic led tunes.
Shame really, that rather than warming the increasingly large crowd up, they seemed to chill them out, with only one energetic song amongst a set of enjoyable, mellow kick-back tracks.

The main support came from HildaMay, playing all the dates on this tour.

The Kent 5-piece played their heavy, screamy hardcore to the packed yet still inanimate room. Whilst their songs were incredibly powerful, the lack of comparison between them and tonight’s headliners left the crowd dazed and confused. They have a huge amount of potential, but are much more suited to supporting a bands like Gallows, The Bronx, etc.

On to tonight’s star act. Kicking off their set with a new song, ‘Virus’, that saw Barney Boom leaving bass duties to Jimmy T, a format that could be a permanent arrangement in the near future.
This was followed by ‘The Road To Hell is Paved With Good Intentions’ from 2009 album City of Thieves, and newest single ‘Kids of the Multiculture’. Another new track, ‘High Cost of Living’ saw Barney minus his bass, rapping, growling and melodica-ing  his way through the awesome sounding new tune. Their “most requested song on Facebook”, ‘The Dangers of Rock and Roll’ went down a treat.
More new songs demonstrating the variety of sounds to come, including their take on pop-punk, surrounded classic ‘Meanwhile Back in the Real World’.
The set wasn’t without its usual samples- The Specials’ ‘Ghost Town’ on ‘Strange Transformations’, Jessie J’s ‘Price Tag’ on ‘Sunnyside of the Street’, nor its usual comedy- Laila K’s top being verbally ripped to shreds by Barney’s ‘grandad’ attitude, making it, as usual, a wicked night.
Closing the set with old favourites ‘Piggy In the Middle’ and ‘Bigger Than Punk Rock’ (feat. Operation Ivy’s ‘The Crowd’) was the perfect end to a first-rate evening courtesy of Manchester’s finest.

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