REVIEW: Our People Versus Yours – ‘Lights’

Our People Versus Yours – Lights

Reviewed by Katie Nagy

Our People Versus Yours are one of the UK’s most potent and promising metalcore bands, with a strong fan base and impressive live shows, they are a band that is sure to rise to greater and greater success. Formed in 2008 the bands current line-up of guitarist and vocalist James Sweeting, vocalist Joe Miles, bassist Dan Clark, guitarist Josh Nunn, and Harvey Freeman have come out swinging with their latest EP ‘Lights’.

From the opening title track you are instantly hit with a melodic yet powerful sound which hints at influences from bands such as Slipknot and Rise Against. Sweeting and Miles incredible vocals perfectly complement each other, while the flawlessly produced instrumentals give the song real bite.

The second track ‘Ariah’ is classic in your face metal that will make your face melt with a strong sound and hard hitting vocals. A stand out track, ‘Ariah’ delivers a big sound with the well produced melodic sound this band has become known for.

‘I’ve Had Better Days’ easily follows ‘Ariah’ with an equally hard hitting sound and excellent vocals. The lyrics are powerful, well written and will speak volumes to anyone who has ever been through a rough time in their lives.

Finally ‘In Unity’ is another strong and well produced song. It starts hard and continues to keep up that pace right through to the end. Like the rest of the EP it is carried by the strong melodic vocals of Sweeting and Miles and the well preformed bass and guitar sounds of Clark and Nunn.

A very impressive record indeed and definitely a band to look out for if you are a diehard metal fan.


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