REVIEW: Always the Quiet Ones – ‘Freak Show’

Always The Quiet Ones– Freak Show

Reviewed by Katie Nagy


Formed in 2010, Always The Quiet Ones have gathered quite a following since landing support slots with the likes of Deaf Havana and Turbogeist. Hailing from Liverpool and taking their moniker from graffiti showcased in the local dockyards, the band consists of Blas Barragan Jr. (vocals), Joe Danher (guitar), Adam Lucas (guitar), Chris Nicholls (bass) and James Lorenzo (drums).


Their exciting EP ‘Freak Show’ is a strong output of well crafted and catchy tunes that are heavily influenced by bands such as Tool, A Perfect Circle and Biffy Clyro.


From the opening track ‘Sign Of The Times’ you are instantly pulled in by it’s obvious Biffy Clyro inspired stop/ start drum pattern and well done rhythm changes that make it an easily enjoyable track. The key changes are impeccable and Blas Barragan Jr’s vocals are powerful, yet melodic and sound fantastic against the well crafted instrumentals.


‘Valentina’ and ‘Freak Show’ have a slightly heavier sound but continue to showcase their incredible musicianship and musical inventiveness. Barragan’s vocals again are strong and sound perfect against the well produced instrumental sounds.


This well crafted and wonderfully produced EP and showcases the great potential this band has to continue to grow its audience and make it in the mainstream market. This record is packed with skewed riffs, intriguing time-signatures and infectious melodies that will have you begging for more. The vocals are powerful, the musicianship is flawless and the songs are well written and perfectly produced to show off this bands immense talent and marketable appeal. Definitely a band to keep your eye on.


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