Man Overboard + The Story So Far + Save Your Breath (30/01/2012)

Man Overboard + The Story So Far + Save Your Breath
The End, Birmingham
30th January 2011
Reviewed by Hannah Sebestjanowicz

You would think if you are going to reopen and re-brand a venue that pretty much every band played when they came through Birmingham you would at least redecorate and put a stamp on it, but that’s definitely not the case at The Ballroom!

Oh well, it’s not about what it looks like it’s about the bands that play, and tonight it’s all about pop-punk as Man Overboard, The Story So Far and Save Your Breath take over The End, causing mayhem in the process!

Hailing from Newport Wales, Save Your Breath open up tonight’s proceedings with a solid set, it’s a shame about the sound though which doesn’t do them many favours, but their infectious pop punk gets a good reaction from the Birmingham crowd.

It’s the Story So Far’s first ever time playing in the UK and its obvious from the rabid guys at the front that its been a long time coming.
The lack of barrier means chaos as the SSF power through a powerful and passionate set with every word screamed back at them by the guys down at the front, who scramble over each other desperate to be closer to the microphone shoved in their faces.

The energy both onstage and offstage is immense.
They may play pop-punk but it’s like being at a hardcore show with fists thrown in the air. Frontman Parker Cannon struts around the stage with some serious swagger and stopping the band halfway through a song to tell some drunk kid to step away from the front because he’s going to get beaten up if he keeps acting the way he does.
The songs are catchy as fuck, with the likes of ‘Roam’ and ‘Mt Diablo’ getting an airing with Parker’s and Kevin’s vocals complimenting each other really well, it’s a great show and they’ve definitely won themselves at least one more fan tonight.

Man Overboard seem to be constantly on tour and have played the UK a few times, both as headliners and as support for the likes of Senses Fail, selling out a fair few of the UK shows this tour.
As it turns out Man Overboard have been partying a bit too hard to Basshunter and Zac’s (Eisenstein vocals/guitar) voice is shot but they power through regardless. Opening with ‘Rare’ off their latest self-titled album it takes them a couple of songs to really get into it.

Every song they play gets a great reaction but the older stuff like ‘Montrose’ and ‘Septemberism’ go down the best.
Man Overboard have perfected the art of writing catchy songs with huge choruses and they manage to pull it off live with the energy of Nik Bruzzese (vocals/bass) bouncing off the slightly self-conscious Zac.
Ending the set on fan favourite ‘Love Your Friends, Die Laughing’, it’s sung right back at them by the eager crowd- and sees one EPIC stage dive fail!

It’s the end of the set but not the end of the night as they start to pack away the chants for more are far too hard to resist.
Nik gives the crowd the choice of a punk rock reworking of their last number or ‘I Ate My Gluestick’, ‘Gluestick’ wins out and it’s a great end to a set that started off slow but gained momentum, and the crowd loved every second of it.

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