Cannibal Corpse

By Neil Short

So Neil Short was sitting at home on a Friday night, and Paul Mazurkiewicz, drummer from Cannibal Corpse calls from Tampa, FL to chat about Cannibal Corpse’s new album and tour – here’s what he said…

So… your new album is called Torture – where did you come up with that?

Ah well, we just do our normal brain storming kind of a thing, I mean we knew that we would probably go for a more simple title just like we’ve been doing for every other album now for the last few records, and…. Well, we love the subject matter, of course. I think it’s simple, effective, and completely Cannibal Corpse.

When is it released?

March 13 I think.

Have you done anything different with the recording of this album to the others?

Well things change naturally, I mean, when you think back to when we first started we were recording everything to analogue tape, there wasn’t anything digital to record on to, and all that. So, the methods of course have changed over the years, and I would think with technology, everything is getting better in that sense where you can make better recordings.

For us as a band, we haven’t really changed that much with the way we record things, we just have a little more time.

What was it like working with Erik Rutan?

It’s great, this is the 3rd album now that we’ve worked on with him, and he’s a great friend of ours, he’s a great producer, he’s a workaholic, so, he just wants to get the job done.

He’s a perfectionist, and all that kind of a thing, so, yeah, it’s great working with him.

The fact that he’s a death metal guitar player and singer really helps, just knowing the music that we play, but the bottom line is he’s a great guy, and again, a good friend of ours and a good producer.

When are we to get a tour from you guys?

We are coming to the UK in a couple weeks. We are gonna hit mainland Europe first then end up back the UK.

Are you planning to hit the festival circuit this year?

We’re gonna hit a lot of them, but not all of them this time. I guess the plan is to go back in to Europe in June and we’ll be doing some different countries that we haven’t hit on this tour. We’ll hit some of the festivals around that time. We’ll see what happens more next year, as we have a state side tour in July.

What’s your most memorable show?

That’s a tough question, because we have played so many. We’ve played a lot of great ones, of course, I mean, the one that is probably the most special was the very first time we played live.

I mean it was such a great line up, Dark Angel, you know, in Buffalo, New York and the scene was thriving and to playing our very first show, opening for Dark Angel in front of 450 people packed in to this club. I do remember it being amazing in the sense that this was the start of something.

You’re described as the number one death metal band in the states – when are you taking over the world?

We’re working on it I guess, luckily we have a great following in the world as well, and we’ve played all over the place, and we have great shows, and we have great fans, so, we’ve been working on it.

What it comes down to is we just do our thing, you know, and we try to do the best we can, play great songs, and hope that everyone enjoys them as much as we do.

I heard a rumour that at one point, you guys were banned from selling records in Australia?

I believe so.. I don’t even know when this was as a lot of stuff has happened throughout the years.

You have been going since 1988 – what is the key to the longetivity of your success?

We have desire, we love what we do, and it’s like a dream come true kind of thing when you can get your foot in the door so to say.

All we do is concentrate on our career and try to write brutal songs, you know, and I think we’ve achieved that for the most part. We stuck true to what we believe in, all be it we have matured a little bit, progressed in ways, and changed some things here and there, but I think we have always retained the Cannibal Corpse sound. I think our fans really appreciate that, I mean, we have a great following and a great fan base, and I think that’s why we’re still here today.

You personally are a drummer that is to be reckoned with – who is your biggest personal influence?

I think without a doubt it’s Dave Lombardo for what he does in Slayer, and he was a big influence in everything about Slayer, but Lombardo’s style of drumming kind of blew me away.

I remember hearing Reign In Blood for the very first time when I bought it, put it on in my car, I was just blown away. He just made me want to play the way I play today, with that fury and that speed.

With the state of the industry and the availability of illegally downloadable music, how have you managed to survive in today’s market?

I don’t know, other than the fact that metal is a powerful thing. It’s weird because our record sales have sky rocketed for the last 2 releases, you know?

This is the state of record and CD sales plummeting, and we’re going the opposite. I just really think it comes down to metal fans – people want to buy the album, they want to hold the artwork, they want to read the lyrics, and metal is just like that, and the fans just want something in their hands.

It’s an important thing to have the packaging and things like that.


Many thanks to Paul for taking the time to chat to Neil. For more info about the new album and tour dates, check out:

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