Review: King Mob – “Force 9”

King Mob – Force 9 [Album]

Reviewed by Emma Dean

I had high expectations for new English beat group King Mob after just reading the press release that came with the CD. Comprising of guitar legend Chris Spedding (Roxy Music, Paul McCartney), Glen Matlock (Sex Pistols), Martin Chambers (Pretenders) on the drums, up and comer’s guitarist Sixteen and bassist Toshi Ogawa and finally vocals from film composer-turned-front man Stephen Parsons (Sharks).

Named for 1970’s radical group and heavily influenced by Duke Ellington and Jimmy Page, it’s no surprise that the spirit of rock ‘n’ roll is very much alive in King Mob’s debut Force 9.

Force 9 could have very easily been a cliché record of re-used punk rock tracks – taking a wild stab at achieving some of their former glory – but not only is it 11 tracks of an original rockabilly beat combo, it delivers the spirit of the 70s into the modern world. And proving you are never too old to start a band.

Lovers of Great Renown‘ opens the record with a bang, with Sixteen and Spedding’s guitars pulling focus immediately, before settling into a hoedown rhythm. Parsons, sounding as soulful as he did in the 70s, steals the track back; and this interchange continues effortlessly through the record, as to be expected in a group of such industry heavyweights.

Single ‘Va Va Voom‘ is rockabilly beat at its finest. Catchy and sinful, it will instantly get you on your feet and swinging your hips in a most unladylike way. ‘American Slaves‘ is a very unsubtle dig at the state of affairs in the States, with a resounding ‘ha!’ ringing throughout.

Key tracks are ‘Lovers of Great Renown‘, ‘Selene Selene‘, ‘Secret Song‘ and ‘King Mob‘.

It’s old school punk rock with a modern rockabilly twist and it’s brilliant. If you do anything today, check out these guys.



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