Review: Blue Gillespie – ‘Grim Determination’

Blue Gillespie – Grim Determination [Single]


Reviewed by Meghan Player

There has been a lot of speculation and anticipation surrounding Welsh prog-metal band, Blue Gillespie – and their highly awaited release, ‘The Seven Rages of Man‘.

Thankfully, the band are on track and releasing the first single of their hard work, with ‘Grim Determination‘ – a track that blows their previous work out of the water, and into a whole new realm of prog metal goodness.

From the get-go, the track pummels itself into thrashing, dirty, beautiful noise that drives itself right into your brain and takes over your senses completely. Frontman Gareth David Lloyd’s vocals are at their storming, intense best – a powerhouse of growling vocals that still manage to surprise the hell out of me.

What is most astounding about the new single, is the sludgy, dark melody that the band have created to sell the track. The sound isn’t something we’ve never heard before, but it is done so well, it is impossible not to warrant the track with a second, third, hell even a forth listen.

Undoubtedly, Blue Gillespie are a band that are coming into their own – with the single seeing the band not only finding their voice, but throwing it in our face. If ‘Grim Determination‘ is anything to go by, the new album promises to be one of epic proportions.


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