Review: Almeida – Fantastic Massacre

Almeida – Fantastic Massacre

Reviewed by Adam Smith

Packed with razor sharp riffs and a mercilessly frenetic tempo, Almeida have crafted an exemplary selection of punk rock tracks with Fantastic Massacre.

‘Kinslayer’ sees the band set their stall out instantly, blending A Wilhelm Scream’s oral assault with old-school punk charm. To top things off, Almeida’s technical prowess means that the track strays clear of any musical conventions.

Kings In Contempt’ follows suit, opening with dexterously technical musicianship that is ordinarily associated with the metal genre, before transforming into a inimitable amalgamation of hardcore punk, metal and thrash.

Perhaps the one criticism that can be levelled at the record is that it can occasionally be over-ambitious, as displayed in ‘Fantastic Massacre (A Heart Wrenching Soliloquy About Me Feelin’s Fer Tugger)’ .

The song switches between high-pitched vocals and guttural screams in a heartbeat, and at times it is to the detriment of its quality. It’s obvious that the track boasts a combination of catchiness and heaviness that many bands can only dream of, though such a sound can feel disjointed.

While Almeida possess undeniable musical talent and a knack for composing tremendously experimental music, they have not quite refined their sound to the level of more established bands such as Protest The Hero.

Illustrating this point, ‘Reservations (III)’ is a few minutes too long, but ‘Bale Fire’ and ‘Occam’s Razor’ are offerings where the band structure their formula perfectly.

We certainly haven’t seen the best of Almeida yet, as a band with this much ability can only go one way, and that’s up.



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