The Butterfly Effect

By Meghan Player

After 10 + years of entertaining Australian fans, The Butterfly Effect were rocked this month – with the news that frontman Clint Boge would be leaving the band at the end of their upcoming tour. The news spread like wildfire across social media networks, with fans unsure about the future of the band. Push To Fire’s Meghan Player got the lowdown from drummer Ben Hall about the future of the band, keeping the fans happy and the ‘Best Of’ compilation.


First of all, thank you for taking the time to chat to us today Ben, it’s really appreciated considering the band are, understandably, in the spotlight at the moment.

-It has been a big week for the band, with the recent announcement that Clint will be leaving at the end of this upcoming tour – has the news sunk in as of yet? What is the general feeling amongst the band? 

Clint made this decision a little while back now, so it has given us a fair amount of time for his decision and the ramifications of it to sink in. Obviously this is not how any of us envisaged things may pan out so we’re disappointed, but we have to be optimistic also.


-What does this change mean to the band? How will it effect The Butterfly Effects’ future? 

Obviously it will be a massive change losing a lead vocalist. Glenn, Kurt and myself are still very much enjoying playing and writing music together, so the obvious decision for us is to find a new vocalist and power on. We mean no disrespect to Clint, but the 3 of us most certainly weren’t expecting or were ready for our careers to end abruptly at this juncture.

-Will you continue on as The Butterfly Effect? Or will you regroup and start fresh and perhaps explore a different venture/style/sound etc? 

1 member of 4 has decided his heart is no longer in this particular band – a decision we may not understand but have to respect. However, 3 of 4 are still incredibly enthusiastic about recording and releasing the product we’ve been working on over the last 3 years. So, yes, our intention is to find a new singer and put out our 4th LP.

-Fans of the band are obviously in shock about the announcement, however, their support for whatever the band does next is undeniable – is it humbling to receive that level of support?

 Very humbled but not surprised! We’ve been playing shows to these people for over a decade now. We’ve had an amazing opportunity to build a relationship with them that is stronger than one bad single or an off show – something we’re are very grateful for. We’ve quite literally grown together and it’s been an amazing experience for all involved I believe!

-You’ll be heading out on tour shortly, for the last time together, what are you looking forward to most about the tour?

Relaxing and enjoying the playing of songs we wrote with one of the best vocalists this country has had the privilege of hearing!

-Undoubtedly, this tour will be a big send off for Clint – are there any plans to do something that perhaps the band hadn’t considered previously? Is there are particular place you are looking forward to playing at?

The show will be far from one we have delivered thus far! Lot’s of interesting parts to sink your teeth into! Obviously Brisbane will be an amazing show, but Melbourne and Adelaide will also be off the hook – I have no doubt!

-The Butterfly Effect has been together for 10 years – a fantastic achievement by today’s standards – what kept the band fresh, relevant and inspired during that time?

Well, when you’re on the inside the band, it doesn’t feel that fresh and relevant at all! The one thing that has always kept us interested is bettering ourselves. Don’t get stuck trying to replicate yourself spend the time trying to reinvent yourself instead.

-Keeping on the 10 year track, has there been anything in the ten years that you wish you had done differently with the band? Is there anything you would change now in hindsight? 

We probably would have relocated overseas when we were younger in an attempt to push the band and it’s releases. It’s hard to try and break into territories outside of OZ when you don’t live there.

-You’ll be releasing a ‘Best Of’ compilation to coincide with the tour – was it interesting to look back on tracks that you started out with, and see how the band has progressed and changed in those 10 years? 

It only felt like yesterday we walked out of Modern Music and got blind rotten drunk listening to ourselves on disc for the first time! Who would’ve thought at that point that the EP would go on to sell near gold or that we’d even record a full length album in the years to follow – let alone three!

-Do you have a message for your fans out there? 

Stick with us through this tour and beyond. We promise we won’t disappoint!

-Thanks for your time today Ben – we wish you and the rest of the band all the best for the future!




Many thanks to Ben for taking the time to chat to us. A special thanks also to Dan from SGC.

For more information regarding the upcoming tour dates and ‘Best Of’ compilation CD, check out the bands website:



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