Review: Demented Are Go! – ‘Welcome Back To Insanity Hall’

Demented Are Go! – Welcome Back to Insanity Hall

Reviewed by Meghan Player

Psychobilly Welsh quartet, Demented Are Go! are back with their new album, ‘Welcome Back to Insanity Hall.’

The album kicks off with ‘Intro‘ – an unnerving, eerie and downright creepy scene setter, that lures you into the album from the get go. The ‘mash-up’ of screaming, wailing, manic laughter and creaking doors feel like you’ve just stepped into a 80s/90s horror movie – and are ultimately intriguing as to what may follow.

The title track kicks in straight away, with frontman Sparky growling and yelling like a man possessed. In a style that wouldn’t look out of place on a Misfits album, the track blends the punk, psycholbilly and rockabilly sounds seamlessly – drawing on all manner of horror to engage the listener.

Bodies in the Basement‘ and ‘Retarded Whore‘ ultimately deliver what their uncomplicated titles suggest – punchy, tongue-in-cheek songs that will reach out and introduce psychobilly to a whole new generation of music fans. ‘Engine Trouble‘ locks in the story-telling style and narrative the band possess, while ‘Falling Up‘ and ‘Epileptic Fit‘ break up the album with sudden tempo changes.

Devil Says Kill‘ is an interesting track – allowing the band to further emphasise their character and persona within the album, by drawing on the ‘mental institution’, ‘horror movie’ vibe. A feat that is by no means easy to maintain for the 30 years the band have been active.

Overall, ‘Welcome Back to Insanity Hall‘ is exactly what you would expect from Demented Are Go! The timeless psychobilly style is on perfect display with this album – drawing the listener in from the moment it starts, til the finale. The biggest drawcard for the album, however, is the story-telling/scene setting. The album pulls you into another world, engaging you in the twisted, mock-horror scene and style that has seen the band remain relevant and fresh after all these years.

Hands down, this is one album that will be making the Halloween playlist this year.




‘Welcome Back to Insanity Hall’ is released on March 26th 2012 – through People Like You Records.



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