Review: Cold – ‘Superfiction’

Cold – Superfiction

Reviewed by Emma Dean

Superfiction has been a long time coming for Cold, five years in fact. After splitting in 2006 to pursue individual projects, the follow up they were working on to 2005’s A Different Kind of Pain was thrown out and the  little-known post grungists faded into the background. Luckily the boys saw sense and reformed in 2008, and  Superfiction is the mixed result.

Superfiction is a twelve-track mix of post-grungy goodness. Each track is tight, passionate and riff-perfect.  First single ‘Wicked World‘ opens the record, the distinctive and sweeping vocals of Scooter Ward carrying you into their world. ‘American Dream‘, the record’s second single is slow and predictable, obviously written straight for the radio. Despite this it has a good message and some cracking guitars.

From the sombre ‘Emily‘ to ‘Delivering the Saint‘ the album is full of classic tracks, each with an important  message or story behind it. The only catch of this album is that it’s quite difficult to tell the difference  between the songs as they are all quite monotonous. I can see they sensed this and tried to mix things up with  track ‘So Long June’; however they didn’t quite take as large a leap of faith as they could have and it turns out  fairly flat.

If you haven’t heard of Cold then it’s doubtful that this will be the album to grab your attention. And for such a talented group of truly passionate musicians that is a damn shame.



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