Review: Bush – ‘The Sea of Memories’

Bush – The Sea of Memories [Album]

Reviewed by Emma Dean

Ten years and two new band members later, Bush’s fifth album The Sea of Memories is the result of their hiatus. Famous for their post-grunge take on rock – from 1994’s debut Sixteen Stone to 2001’s Golden State – Bush’s fifth effort has been a long time coming.

Despite being down two of its founding members, it is Gavin Rossdale’s incredible vocals that carry Bush as a band in first track ‘The Mirror of the Signs‘. Second single ‘The Sound of Winter‘ is by far the catchiest of tracks – combining powerful vocals and a soaring chorus with crunching guitars.

New member Chris Traynor’s guitar work is a stand out throughout the entire record, with exquisite solos at the  start of ‘All My Life‘ and first single ‘The Afterlife‘ gripping you and drawing you in. The simple and beautiful ‘All Night Doctors‘ is a refreshing intermission in the record, stripped back to just Rossdale and a piano with understated guitars and strings in the background.

Baby Come Home‘, ‘Red Light‘ and ‘She’s a Stallion‘ hark straight back into classic Bush- with crunching guitars and rasping vocals. Ending with the ballad ‘Be Still My Love’, The Sea of Memories sees a revived post-grunge sound, bought back into the twenty-first century – in a way that will please fans both old and new.


Bush will be hitting Australian shores as part of Soundwave Festival at the end of February and will be touring  
the United States until the end of June. For more tour details go to:


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