SATURDAY JANUARY 14 is a family affair at The Vanguard, Newtown.

GAY PARIS – put the swamp back in your stomp
RECKLESS VAGINA -making you give a damn about not giving a damn
SURPRISE WASP – rock n’ roll for the dirty at heart
GUTHRIE – Tasmanian Devils play God’s music
GLITTER CANYON – hillbilly hipsters sing the blues

There isn’t a whole lot that can be said about Gay Paris that frontman WH Monks hasn’t already yelled or slurred or scrawled on the wall of an outhouse somewhere in the Australian wilderness – but to be fair on the raucous foursome, it all bears repeating.

Having fulfilled their mission statement of bringing rock back to rock n’ roll (albeit a very dirty, sludge dripping rock), these wild men have set their sights on soul – namely yours.

With their debut record, The Skeleton’s Problematic Granddaughter being critically acclaimed and their live show often being referred to as ‘the wildest thing you’ve ever seen,’ Gay Paris are back in 2012 and going for the hips, getting things started at their favourite venue, The Vanguard.

“Where else do sleaze and class meet without someone getting sued?” said Monks by way of explanation for the unlikely courtship that has gone on between band and venue over the last twelve months.

As usually, the Gay Parisians are bringing extra grit to the party, and this time it’s dudes that they actually like, making this show something of a family affair.

Stepping out from behind his bass, Slim Pickins proves that redheads really do have more fun as the frontman for Surprise Wasp, a throwback to when punk meant something and rock music got everyone in the room moving until the squares showed up and complained that the punch was spiked.

Combining the cool of Surprise Wasp with the sleaze of Gay Paris, Glitter Canyon has made quite a mess of the city in their short life, well, once they got rid of WH and replaced him with a demonic crooner ready to tell you how it is in the unique style of hipster hillbillies.

For a long time, Gay Paris have been talking about Southern Horror and on an expedition to find evidence of lycanthropic Thylacines in Tasmania, instead discovered the barely civilized yet highly skilled gutter blues duo, Guthrie, whom they have now dragged to Sydney in chains (under heavy sedation, of course).

Take a risk, get down with this deep lovin, swamp stompin’, hip shakin’, mind melting four-way of all that is good in music. Heck, maybe marrying your cousin wouldn’t be such bad idea . . .



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