NOBODY’S ROBOTS: Piebald to release farewell DVD & Documentary (5/11/2010)

Sidehatch Entertainment Group is proud to announce the release of the live concert DVD & documentary, “Nobody’s Robots: A Farewell To Piebald,” available in stores and online May 11, 2010.

This 3 hour documentary attempts (and damn near succeeds) to chronicle every drop of blood, sweat, tears and waste vegetable oil the band ever spilled, from their humble beginnings in an Andover, Massachusetts basement, up until the last note of their final performance, presented in it’s glorious entirety.

A few highlights include: a look into the development and evolution of the ‘Bald over the years, interviews, sing-a-longs, some embarrassing high school footage, a few well placed swears, cameos by Luke’s goats, and of course, dance parties. So crank the volume and relive the life and times of a great American band whose diligent DIY ethic proved that they truly always were, and forever will be, Nobody’s Robots.

DVD Trailer & Pre-sale packages available here:


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